Herrnbaumgarten - Nonseum
Carefully detached from the utilitarianism of everyday life shows the association for the recovery of thoughts surpluses in this unique museum. 432,7 epochal incentions which humanity does not need.
Ruine Staatz

Visible from far away risis the ruins of Staatz on the 100 meter-rock cones out of the Laaer Ebene. In 1645 the ruins were destroyed by Swedes during the 30 year war.
Distance: 17 km

Schloss Wilfersdorf

The Liechtenstein Castle of Wilfersdorf is the ancestral castle of the existing family line of Liechtenstein to this day.
Distance: 15 km

Burgruine Falkenstein

The old walls of the ruins – it tells you the story of its history. The view swerves into distance or follows the flight of the falcon.
The stay in the yard will make you forget time and space.
Distance: ca. 7km

Museumsdorf Niedersulz

Covering an area of 20 ha, you can visit around 80 transmitted, historic buildings and numerous Gardens in which plants thrive rarities and old, valuable fruits.
Distance: ca 30 km

Poysdorf – the wine & sparkling wine city of Austria
Gently swaying vineyards. Idyllic cellar lanes. Cellar on Cellar. Dedicated winemakers. Culture, leisure, serenity.
Distance: 5 km
this means universal experience around wine, grape and vine in the wine town of Poysdorf. In many ways one can learn and discover how the city, the wine & the sparkling wine lives. So every stay here is a pleasure for the whole family.
Schlösser Lednice, Valtice und Mikulov
please take your passport, Distance: 9-15 km

Therme der Sinne in Laa/Thaya
Distance 22 km
Museumszentrum Mistelbach
Distance 22 km
Museum für Urgeschichte in Asparn/Zaya
Distance 25 km
Awarenhöhlen in Althöflein
Distance 11 km

Draisinenfahrt in Asparn
Distance 25 km
Wildpark in Ernstbrunn mit Wolfforschungszentrum
Distance 42 km
Schulmuseum Michelstetten
Distance 34 km
Schloß Loosdorf
Distance 22 km
Baumkreis Kettlasbrunn
Distance 19 km
Himmelkeller in Kronberg
Distance 40 km
Kanufahrten und Vogelschauplätze an der March
Distance 17 km

Naturpark Leiser Berge
Distance 42 km
March-Thaya Auen
Distance 17 km
Distance 55 km
Distance 60 km
Distance 95 km